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Express Ruokakauppa (Itäkeskus)

4.90€ Delivery fee
45-70 Min

Express Ruokakauppa (Laajasalo)

4.90€ Delivery fee
40-60 Min

Kaspian Herkut

4.90€ Delivery fee
40-75 Min

A new way of

Instead of spending time going to the store, let us go for you and watch your goods magically appear at your door in less than 1h.
Save time. Enjoy life.
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Order from store partners or if you don’t find what you are looking for, simply tell us what you want and watch your DroppX Pal bring it to you straight away.
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DroppX order instructions
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DroppX order instructions
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DroppX order instructions
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Frequently asked questions

Who collects my order?

Your order is collected by a trained personal shopper.

What are your delivery charges?

The base delivery charge is €4.90 for orders under 2 km. An additional distance fee of 1.40€/km will be applied for orders over 2 km of distance.

Do DroppX deliver in my area?

DroppX is currently available to shop and deliver across Helsinki and Espoo. We are continuously launching new cities.

What happens if an item is out of stock?

Your DroppX Pal will reach you out and suggest a replacement. In case there is no suitable replacement item, DroppX will refund the items cost to your account.

Our reponse to Covid-19

We value your health. Your order is always collected wearing cloves and delivered contactless. DroppX Pals use sanitizers and leave your order behind your door to avoid contact.
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