We deliver your products in 1h or less.

Offer faster and fully trackable delivery options to your customers with DroppX.
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Live tracking

Your customers can track their delivery in real time on a map and even chat with their driver.


Convenient delivery within a 60-minute window selected by your customer. No need to keep them waiting for a courier all day long.

Same-day delivery

Same-day or even same hour delivery. Increase customer loyalty by providing the market's fastest delivery.
Avg. delivery time 25 min.

Power your online store with express deliveries.

Our services are built to help you boost sales and offer better customer experiences by delivering your products from your store or warehouse to your customer’s door in less than 1 hour after placing an order. The best part? Your customers can schedule a delivery time and track their delivery in real time.


Increased conversion for brands offering same-day delivery.


Increased customer satisfaction for brands offering same-day delivery.

Effortless integration with your online store.

Offering DroppX as delivery option on your Shopify, WooCommerce or Magento online store is easy and fast. Simply download the DroppX app from your online store's App Store and you are ready to go.
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Offer faster and more flexible delivery options.

Give your customers superpowers. Let them know when their order will arrive. With DroppX, your customers have unparalleled flexibility with their orders!
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Zero commissions.
Affordable pricing.

When you offer DroppX as a delivery option on your platform, you don’t have to worry about commissions or membership fees. We give you one flat fee and you can decide how much your customers pay for the delivery.

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Start delivering in 3 steps


Create your account

Take a few steps to fill in your business details to start delivering. Registration takes just 40 seconds!


Create an order

Use our simple self-service dashboard to create an order or integrate DroppX straight into your website.


Get it delivered

Once you place an order, it will be picked up and delivered by a Dropper immediately or at a scheduled time.
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